Congratulations on your $100 Grocery Coupons Reward. With your reward, you get to choose up to $100 in face value grocery coupons and have them mailed right to your home. They are good anywhere grocery coupons are accepted. That's $100 in savings at the grocery store!

In addition, we also provide additional options to save, including coupons you can print on-demand from your home computer and others you can use to make purchases.


It's our goal to help you get a great value from your $100 Grocery Coupons Reward. To redeem your reward, just follow the simple instructions below:
  • Go online to the Redeem Spot website at http://www.redeemspot.com.
  • Complete the PIN# Request Form using the Order Number from your recent purchase and click 'Submit'.
  • Upon verification, you will receive your PIN# via email along with complete instructions for how to redeem your reward. Typically it takes 24-48 hours for us to verify your information and send your reward PIN# email.
  • Follow the instructions in the email to visit the grocery reward program website at the website address provided. Enter your reward PIN# to register your grocery coupon reward.
  • Once your registration is complete, you'll be instantly credited with a $100 grocery coupon balance.
  • You'll then use the grocery reward program search engine to search for grocery coupons you would like to have clipped and delivered to your house. There are so many coupon options to select from, including coupons in every major category.
  • Select up to $100 in clipped coupons all at once, or choose just a few coupons at a time. You get to choose how you use this reward. For us, all that matters is that you get a great value and a great customer experience! We've even included some bonus online printable coupon resources to help you save even more at the grocery store!
  • Before making your coupon selections you can review the specific requirements provided by the coupon provider. Details on purchase limitations, expiration dates, and any other terms are handled on a coupon by coupon basis and are available prior to making your selection(s).
  • Finalize your grocery coupon selections and your coupons will be hand-clipped for you right away and mailed to the address you provided. You should receive them in a week or less.


Questions about your redeemspot.com PIN# request? We're happy to help. Contact our customer service team Mon-Fri 9am-8pm EST and Sat-Sun 9am-5pm at (973) 287-5159, or via email by clicking here.


This reward is only redeemable online and only on the grocery reward program website. Your grocery reward program PIN# is not a gift card, not a digital gift card, not a gift certificate, not redeemable directly at grocery stores, and has no cash value. Additional steps are required to redeem your grocery coupons reward and select your grocery coupons. You can access the complete terms and conditions at the program website once you complete the PIN# request form.