What do I get with my Grocery Reward?

Your Grocery Reward entitles you to choose up to $100 in free clipped grocery coupons and have them mailed right to your home. They are good anywhere grocery coupons are accepted and, best of all, there is no obligations or commitments - it's a free reward that never expires!

Beyond the $100 in clipped grocery coupons, there are exclusive bonus offers including unlimited printable coupons, coupon codes to save online and discounts on home delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables in our Fresh Grown Foods area.

Plus ... we also provide additional options to save, including access to coupons you can print on-demand from your home computer from one of the nation's largest inventory of printable coupons. Customers also receive thousands of additional ways to save like discounts, promo codes, special offers, daily deals, to help you save on online purchases and in your favorite stores and restaurants. All you need to do is login to save.

I requested a Redemption PIN but haven't received it

Redemption Code and Instruction emails are sent out shortly after submission. If you submitted your PIN# request over 24-48 hours ago and still haven't received your PIN# please check your 'junk' or 'spam' folder.

The Redemption Code and Instruction Email is not in my Spam/Junk Folder?

If you checked your junk folder and your Redemption PIN is not there, please click here to contact customer support and we will help you retrieve it. Be sure to include your address or at least your zip code in the email.

Or, if you would like us to activate your account for you, please provide your full name, your address and your phone number. This information will strictly be used to activate your account, using your phone number as your login username and your address for delivering your coupons once you choose them.

Why isn't the Redemption Code and Instruction Email in my Spam/Junk Folder?

An increase in spam filtering measures by many of the email service providers might be hindering delivery of our emails to you. We have heard reports of some, including Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, and MSN rejecting emails entirely.

I can't find my order number or didn't receive one

If you don't have your Order Number handy, simply type your phone number in the Order Number field and we should be able to process your request without any issues. Shortly after submitting your information we will send you your Redemption PIN and instructions on how to choose your $100 in grocery coupons through the portal

My Redemption PIN doesn't work at

For ANY issues relating to, the portal where you will redeem your PIN Code and choose your coupons, please contact the web support team at:

I live in Iowa or Canada and I haven't received my PIN Code

As mentioned in the earlier promotional information, for reasons beyond our control, this offer is available to residents of the United States, with the exception of Iowa, Puerto Rico and the US territories. So we instead arranged for you to receive an upgraded offer for $100 in Discount Shopping Reward that you can apply towards a much more expanded variety of discounts options beyond just groceries, helping you save of up to 80% on gift cards, shopping, travel, merchandise and other everyday purchases. It also includes unlimited access to a coupon printing service with no dollar limit. You can still fill out the form on the home page and we will process it accordingly.

Having trouble filling out the PIN request form

If you are having trouble filling out the form, where the form doesn't seem to accept your information, we suggest you simply refresh or reload the page or quit and restart your browser.

Received a Redemption PIN code but having trouble using it at

For ANY issues relating to, the portal where you will redeem your PIN Code and choose your coupons, please contact the web support team at: We highly recommend you use a computer to redeem your PIN Code at because the site is not fully compatible with all mobile devices at this time and users might experience anomalies. If you are having issues using a computer, it could be because you are behind a 'firewall' or your browser is blocking 'cookies', issues that can arise when using a work computer. In this case, we recommend you use a different browser or computer to redeem your PIN Code.

Where do I find my $100 in clipped coupon options?

Once you have redeemed your PIN code and created a login at, you will be directed to the home page. Scroll down to about the middle of the page and click on the banner that says "You Have $100 in Clipped Coupons" or to the right that says "Order Clipped Coupons." From there, you can browse your options, add coupons to your cart and check out as if you were making a purchase (but, of course, there are no fees whatsover.) Your coupons should arrive in 4-6 days (excluding weekends and holidays.)

Why can't you just send me $100 in grocery coupons?

Because of the abundance and variety of coupons we offer, it would be impossible for us to determine the types of products you buy and the coupons that would best fit your needs. This way, you get to choose the coupons most useful to you. The application at is similar to a shopping cart, just add coupons to your cart and check out. Your coupons should arrive in 4-6 days (excluding weekends and holidays.)

What is RedeemSpot?

RedeemSpot is an online verification program that is designed to ensure the right reward gets delivered to the right customers.

How often are the Coupons on Grocery Reward Program updated?

The coupons available to you through your Grocery Reward Program are updated each and every day to insure you get the best and most up-to-date choices possible.

Is there a limit on the total number of coupons I can order or print?

There are several different coupon benefits. Let me give you information about each one. First, you get clipped coupons that you can select, and which are sent to you. You are eligible for up to $100 in face value coupons. If you exceed that limit, there is an extra fee of 10% of the face value of the coupon, that you would be responsible for. You also are eligible for printable coupons. You also get a wide variety of coupons that you can print. Sometimes there is a limit on how many of a particular coupon you can print from the coupon provider.

I am having problems printing or technical issues with downloads, can someone help me?

For the printable coupons and some of the other benefits featured on this website, you may need to download a component from the vendor. That process links and happens automatically, and you'd need to manage and troubleshoot that yourself, as those are third party resources that we do not control. Unfortunately, being a customer coupon savings company and not a computer help desk company, we cannot provide customer by customer IT support for each particular benefit if you have trouble with printing. With thousands of customers and dozens of benefits, that would just be impossible. The programs and benefits are compatible with just about every computer configuration and option, so make sure you to pay careful attention to the prompts and instructions on the benefit, and try again.

When do the grocery coupons expire?

Your access to $100 credit will never expire until you have used the entire amount. However, the grocery coupons expire at all different times, based on the manufacturers who provide them. As you browse through the coupons, we tell you when each coupon expires so that you know before you complete your order and receive your coupons. We're refreshing the coupons and adding new ones all the time.

How long does it take to receive the coupons Grocery Reward Program clips for me?

Typically, it takes us about 24 hours to process, clip, and ship your clipped coupons order. From there, depending on where you're located, your coupons should arrive in 4-6 days (excluding weekends and holidays).

Username/password not working / forgot / trouble logging in at

That's an easy one to fix. Your username is your ten digit telephone number (no spaces or dashes) and your password is your five digit zip code. If you are still unable to log in please click here. Once there you may enter your email address and click submit to have your login information resent to you.

Terms and Conditions

This reward is only redeemable online and only on the grocery reward program website. Your grocery reward PIN# is not a gift card, not a digital gift card, not a gift certificate, not redeemable directly at grocery stores, and has no cash value. Additional steps are required to redeem your grocery coupons reward and select your grocery coupons. You can access the complete terms and conditions at the program website once you complete the Redemption PIN request form.